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Dansac Irrigation Kit

For people with a colostomy emptying the intestines using irrigation, Dansac has designed an Irrigation Kit which comes complete in a practical toilet bag. All parts can also be purchased individually.

Please contact our Customer Services team to discuss any irrigation queries.

  • Dansac offers a complete set including everything necessary for irrigating
  • Designed for people living with a colostomy who empty their bowels by irrigation
  • All parts can also be purchased individually
  • The complete set is supplied in a toilet bag

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REF Description
09547-0000 Silicone ring
950-20 Irrigation sleeve with ring holder and silicone ring
950-35 Irrigation sleeve with hydrocolloid skin barrier
95200-0000 Water container
95205-0000 Cone with tubing
95210-0000 Flow controller
95215-0000 Tubing with connector and regulation clamp
95220-0000 Cleaning brush
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