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TRE Seal

TRE Seal

TRE Seal

Dansac TRE™ seal and NovaLife TRE™ barrier feature innovative TRE technology. 

TRE™ barriers now feature the new smiley cut release liner—redesigned for ease of use. The smiley cut release liner exposes more of the release tab, designed to make it easier to grasp, pull and peel the release liner from the barrier.

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TRE™ pH buffering technology

Proprietary formulation is designed to maintain the slightly acidic pH level of healthy skin, supporting an environment that is friendly for the skin—and unfriendly to the digestive enzymes, helping stop them in their tracks.

  • A buffered solution will resist changes to pH levels when challenged.
  • Changes in pH caused by factors such as stoma output or perspiration can weaken a healthy acid mantle.
  • If the acid mantle is weakened the skin may become more prone to skin damage and infection.
  • TRE™ technology is designed to effectively maintain the pH level of healthy skin and protect the skin from exposure to changes in pH.

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Digestive Enzymes + Skin - A corrosive relationship

Three levels of protection for Healthy Skin

TRE™ technology takes skin protection to another level — three to be exact. And when it comes to peristomal skin, there is no such thing as too much protection.


TRE™ technology products have received official dermatological accreditation from the Skin Health Alliance, which may bring confidence and reassurance to those who use our products.